Hi there!
As you can see here, I’m regular contributor of many different fashion and nude magazines in Europe and USA.

Are you interested in a fashion and nude editorial shooting in Monaco?
I can afford for travel, transports (mostly EasyJet or Wizzair from the main Europe’s capitals), local transports, stay, food and a fee of 80€ (this because unfortunately even outstanding magazines don’t pay).

Location: Monaco

1 copiaEdith Mode #182SWANKY Mag. November 2022

Shooting date, according to the model: May-December 2023

One night stay required even if you're nearby because the shooting starts at 7am.

Please read attentively my FAQs, in facts I already answered to all possible questions, and my advice is to send me some ‘polaroids’ as written in my FAQs, to, this to avoid possible misunderstandings.
Je parle aussi Français e naturalmente Italiano.
Let me posted then.

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